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Why settle with a boring color?Personalize your ride with a full color change. Vinyl wrap gives you a unique look that allows you to express your style while protecting your paint in the process. You'll be sure to turn heads!

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It's all in the details! That's our motto. Whether you want to add some small touches to your vehicle, or transform your track weapon into a legendary icon, we can make ANY design a reality. Set yourself apart from the crowd.

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Your business has an image. Advertising is expensive. So why not cover your corporate or fleet vehicles in your companies logos? Gaining customers and free advertising as you drive are just some of the perks. Legitimize your business today!



Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a high-impact film that is placed over your vehicle’s paint to protect it from scratches, rock chips, bug damage, and almost everything that will ruin your vehicle’s paint. PPF is virtually undetectable and helps make cleaning easy, due to its hydrophobic effect.



Here at Marin Vinyl Wraps we take the utmost pride in our work, making sure to always provide quality and timely service while keeping the bar set high.

A clean shop is mandatory. We maintain a clean shop from the moment the doors open in the morning, to when we lock up in the evening.

We specialize in vinyl wrapping vehicles, but can apply vinyl on just about anything with a smooth surface including: boats, tables, refrigerators, glass... you name it.




There are many reasons to wrap your vehicle! Vinyl wrap is the number one paint alternative, and for good reason! Say your looking for a used vehicle, but can't find the color your looking for. Instead of settling for a color you don't want, we can restyle the vehicle with a complete color change wrap in whatever color, or colors, you were thinking. Vinyl wrap will also provide a layer of protection against road grime, rock chips, and other harmful contaminants, keeping your paint underneath looking just as good as the day we wrapped it. When your tired of the color and want to change, or go back to paint, the vinyl can be removed easily. You never have to commit to just ONE color like you do with paint. Another reason to wrap is cost. Quality paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars. Generally speaking vinyl wrap comes in at about the tenth of the cost of a comparable paint job. Newer vehicles can sometimes even be devalued by an aftermarket paint job, vinyl wrap will help you keep that value by providing a non permanent color alternative, as well as protecting that factory paint job underneath. Sometimes paint just can't do what wrap can! Have a custom design in mind? We can design and print just about anything you have in mind! Have a business? Wrap your vehicle with your slogan, business name, and message! Put your vehicle to work while you drive around, or sit in traffic! Vehicle advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your name in front of

over 200 people a day without paying a regular advertising fee. 


How much does a wrap cost?
The cost of a wrap is usually determined by the size of the vehicle, and the color option(s) chosen. If there is graphic design that needs to be done that also comes into play as well. Generally wraps come in at 1/10th of the cost of a comparable paint job. Give us a call or send us an email to get a quote!



Marin Vinyl Wraps

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For all other inquries, such as graphic designs, commercial graphics, fleet vehicles, signage, please contact Centric Signs.

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